Back in the studio for a couple of hours. Bliss! Feels like home, a belonging – space. So much to say through metaphor.
The last few weeks has been a mixture of travelling, visitors and my coaching work.
Four pieces of work on the go at once. What is my ‘style’.  Not sure that I know the answer to that question yet?
What I do know is that I have so much I want to say through painting. Stories, metaphors questions about life in general.
I’m really interested in how we create our realities through our personal thinking. One man’s meat …
I embarked on a fine art Painting Diploma in January at the Norfolk Painting School and have not looked back. The course is taught by a Master (Martin Kinnear) who challenges, informs, questions and uses humour to bring out the very different expressions in each and every student. It has opened a floodgate for me. I am so thankful.
I’ll post an update when I complete my next painting.
It really is never too late …
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