I drove through a local village yesterday when I saw this dear lady sitting and waiting for her husband to come and give her a lift.

Firstly I was struck by her enormous hands (they were her husband’s gloves) her exceptionally pale skin and thirdly I was struck by her beauty.

She had the most gentle, kind eyes. I drove passed initially, I turned the car around and drove back passed her. I then felt compelled to go back and speak with her. She welcomed me and we had a short conversation.

I asked if I could paint her and showed some photographs of what I paint. She was encouraging and obliging.

So, here is my impression of her. She was not wearing an orange coat and the situation was different. I have used some (quite a lot) of artistic license.

The painting is unfinished but too wet to continue as so wet.

I’m so glad we met. I hope I see her again.