Current Work in Progress

Oil on Canvas

Red is the strongest symbol of strength that one can find. It is the ‘official’ symbol of strength and courage because of the substance it represents. Blood courses through the body and is significant in life. It is what allows the body to have vitality, power and energy. It also goes to the heart, which can ten relate the colour to love and passion.

Every so often, I have the privilege of working on a commission. This is not a case of producing a painting when requested. It is a deep enquiry into how a person sees themself, how they would like to be seen, how they present themselves to others and ultimately my interpretation of that.

This is my translation of a man who has touched my soul. A man who sees, hears and honours the God in You and the God in me. 

A man who has been on a journey of self discovery and still works to this day at being the very best version of himself.

I am honoured to share this painting with you today.

To Bob. Thank you for your trust in me and for your unstinting support.


MCM -Bob Hurd